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Born in a town by the beach in Mexico, Gabriella draws inspiration from precious memories of her childhood. She loved to watch her mom and grandmother make beautiful bridal headpieces as a child, and now she continues the family tradition.

The beauty of nature is what truly inspires her designs. The beaches of her childhood will forever be a part of her identity, and she remembers with fondness days spent gathering seashells and picking flowers. Now, she continues to go to the beach and collect beautiful things, transforming them into lasting pieces of art.

Flowers, leaves, twigs, and seashells are cast in sterling silver or gold vermeil, and set with precious gemstones to preserve their beauty.

Incorporating these into beautiful designs for bridal headpieces results in an organic look which cannot be achieved any other way, and Gabriella believes they’ll inspire wearers for generations to come.

As always, she hopes to hear from you. Please email with questions.

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